My name is Marcus Forrester, I am proud to introduce a new and innovative way to dry your body after a shower. After several years of hearing my aging mom complain about not being able to dry her back and feet, I came up with a full body dryer device to help my aging mom. I also realize that this can be used for anyone wanting to get the luxurious drying at the home, which has world wide appeal to dry your body after a shower, thus getting rid of the age old bacteria laden towel. The towel is often damp with micro bacteria matter along with washing and drying towels plus others. As a result, we are going to sell this new product name (Full Body Dryer) for drying the body after a shower.

This is a new and innovative way to dry your body after a shower without having to use a towel, and it is also a new device with nothing similar on the market. It provides a warm luxurious air to dry your body after a shower. Moreover, it is new on the market so it will get attention of the residents and businesses with ease. Full Body Dryer works literally at different heights from head to toe, maximizing thermal efficiency and ensuring that the whole body is evenly dried. The dryer has different temperature levels to fit anyone temperature desires.

Who We Sell To

The primary market for Full Body Dryer is the people who try to dry their body after a water shower in Private Homes, Gyms, Spas, Hotels, Home Builders, Sports center and Pools. They can easily dry their full body parts in just 3 minutes without a towel. Drying your body with a luxurious breeze will revitalize your body with energy and comfort like no other.



It’s hard for some people to dry their full body after taking a shower without using towel. Towels are always damp with micro bacterial matter, washing towels are costly and cumbersome it is more healthy to use a dryer.


Full Body Dryer is providing the best full body dryer to our clients/customers to get body dry without using the towel.


Currently there are no known competitors as it is new idea in the targeted area but off course there are competitors at the global level as we also use our business as ecommerce.

Why Us?

We are offering the best dryers for your full body dry after taking shower without the towel at a very reasonable price for the value for a lifetime product.