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Introducing a new and innovative way to dry your body after a shower

The air massage that relaxes both body and mind

It is time to get rid of the damp and micro bacteria laden towel. Experience the new Valiryo Body Dryer today, your skin will be rewarded with Smoothness, Energy and Vitality


You will leave your shower totally dry


More hidrated and smoother skin, as you will be avoiding the friction drying with your towel


Your body will be safe from all the bacteria and germs that remain in the towels. Besides, Valiryo Body Dryer has an anti-bacteria treatment


Environmentally-friendly product, as you will be saving all the energy and water required to wash and dry the towels


Especially indicated for people with reduced mobility and severe skin issues

Get your own Valiryo Body Dryer now!

Valiryo Body Dryer

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