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Valiryo Body Dryer is designed to easily fit in your bathroom. It is a device discrete and elegant, with quick and easy installation, even inside your shower plate, as Valiryo Body Dryer is waterproof.

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Product Description


Patented technology

Developed by Valiryo Body Dryer team, this technology is the only one in the market that guarantees an homogeneous airflow and temperature in all the air vents from head to toe.

Adjustable air speed and temperature

Valiryo Body Dryer provides an airflow up to 69.8 ℉ more than room temperature. You can choose between 16 different combinations of air speed and temperature.

100% water resistant,
very resistant materials and ANTI-BACTERIA

Valiryo Body Dryer can be installed in your shower without any problem and with total safety, as it is protected against the entrance of objects and water in the device. Valiryo Body Dryer’s International Protection Marking (IP Code) is IP56. Besides, Valiryo Body Dryer is manufactured with materials that allow its public usage, as they are very resistant. In addition, Valiryo Body Dryer is bacteria proof and very hygienic.


Valiryo Body Dryer does not require any maintenance or special products for cleaning it. It does not need any filters replacement or anything like that.

Different colours

We have different colours and textures available for our clients. Our aim is to easy Valiryo Body Dryer’s intallation in any ambience. Valiryo Body Dryer can be also customized depending on the number of units to be aquired.

Proximity sensor for total autonomy

You can use Valiryo Body Dryer in Automatic mode. This way, Valiryo Body Dryer will turn on and off automatically to make it even more convenient for you.

Homogeneous and efficient drying experience

With its 23 air vents Valiryo Body Dryer provides and homogeneus and efficient drying experience. You will get dry while you enjoy the relaxing Valiryo Body Dryer Experience.

Technical specs

  • Voltage:220-230 V
  • Amperage:11 A
  • Dimensions:85.83 x 11.61 x 1.10 in
  • Weight:22.49 lb
  • Time to reach MAX temperature: 10 Seconds
  • Increase in ambient air temperature:Up to 69.8 ℉ 
  • Temperature and speed variation between upper and lower diffuser:< 2 %
  • Drying time:< 3-5 minutes
  • Position for installation:Wall / Corner. in and out the shower.
  • International Protection Marking (Ingress Protection Marking): IP56


Valiryo Body Dryer on the wall
Valiryo Body Dryer on a corner


You will leave your shower totally dry



More hidrated and smoother skin, as you will be avoiding the friction drying with your towel



Your body will be safe from all the bacteria and germs that remain in the towels. Besides, Valiryo Body Dryer has an anti-bacteria treatment



Environmentally-friendly product, as you will be saving all the energy and water required to wash and dry the towels



Especially indicated for people with reduced mobility and severe skin issues

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3 reviews for Valiryo Body Dryer
  • i recently installed the body dryer in my home. it is great different exotic luxurious feel. love it

  • love it i will never use a towel again my skin is smooth and silky love it

  • the dryer is great, just got one a week ago. beautiful feel

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Product Features


IP-56/68 rated

  • Complete protection against Dust and Rust
  • Protection against permanent immersion/water proof