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5 Main Purposes of Body Dryer | Medicated

Full Body Dryer is a new-concept body dryer that allows maintaining healthy skin by thoroughly drying up leftover water after a shower, leaving the skin feeling smooth and refreshed. For people considering reachable bathroom remodeling, a stroll in a tub, or any bathroom remodel, we would strongly suggest thinking about the advantages of the shower body dryer. Taking a close look at this option can be an excellent investment for your health, comfort, and lifestyle needs. This product has versions. One version has both warm air and cool air features while the other model has only a cool air function.

The Efficacy of Body Dryer

  • Prevention of numerous contagious skin diseases
  • Complete drying by powerful jet air
  • Generate huge amount of anions
  • Save washing cost
  • Environment-friendly effect

Here are a few medical purposes of Body Dryer:

Medicated Purposes of Body Dryers

Prevention from Skin Ailments

Strong air shower wind from Full Body Dryer consists of negative ions for super-speedy fresh wind based on nozzle configuration focused on an ideal fluid mechanism. This gives refreshment after a shower, and is a must-have item for preventing numerous skin ailments. This product is a brand new concept which dries the complete body by warm air or cool air, which includes numerous anions. The air coming from a high-velocity fan located at the bottom dries the user’s body from sole to upper body. Full Body Dryer dries off all extra water after the use of a towel so that provides an intense feeling of refreshment and serenity.

Protection from Eczema and Malodor

 A super-fast air shower on an anti-bacterial plate is possible for ideal refreshment. This body dryer can guard the user’s body against skin disease with millions of negative ions while eliminating moisture. It is recommended for customers to dry their feet to prevent athlete’s foot and eczema. This prevents malodor and microorganisms by eliminating moisture in the body. It is recommendable for customers to dry their bodies with negative ion fresh air instead of prone-to-pollution towels.


Users can benefit from using this shower body dryer: simply one drying is ideal enough; saving water and body shampoo is possible, and cost-saving in public homes is also possible.

Prevents from slipping

The tornado body dryer has the feature of controlling the power of heating and wind. A built-in sensor for human body is automatically operated. A sensor tracking of water leakage is incorporated. Special surface treatment is implemented the prevention of slipping.

Skin Care

Full Body Dryer is product that dries your body with clean and fresh wind after shower. Drying your body as crucial as washing it for skincare.

Managing of BMI, body fats, and muscle mass

 It is small size and convenient to use in bathrooms. The Full Body Dryer premium version not only dries your body but as scale. With the use of smartphone telecommunications, you can manage your BMI, body fats, and muscle mass.

Antibacterial Feature

The product manages the situation of your body recorded every day your health. In addition, it antibacterial function not only removes 99.99% of microorganisms but takes care of feet with infrared LEDs. In addition, its touch display makes it convenient to product. Another benefit is six filters which include in take filter and exhaust filter. The filters block harmful dirt the body dryer generates clean wind to dry your body.

Beneficial for sick people

Shower body dryer Full Body Dryer will work wonderfully for people who often take showers, suffer from sensitive skin problems, pregnant women, senior citizens, and people with athlete’s foot or eczema. The electricity consumption is 400 watts of natural wind and 1200 watts of warm air, which consumes much less electricity than hairdryer. The low consumption strategy and the reduced use towels are reasons why the tornado body dryer Full Body Dryer is eco-friendly product.

People allergic to Towels frictions

Although for many this might luxurious device, many people would benefit this gadget for medical needs or everyday independence with bathing. Among people who would maximum benefit – people with skin sensitivities, burns, and allergies, not tolerate the friction and infection that towel drying presents. These people need to remove skin moisture and maintain cleanliness and skin integrity. This is excellent safety solution. This device benefits also people with the following limitations: back pain, paralysis, wheelchair users, bariatric people, stroke, and people with normally impaired mobility.

Final words:

So body dryer providing beauty and ease to your bathroom and life also provides you with numerous medical benefits. So keep your body healthy and from infections free you must for shower body dryer!

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