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Technology behind Full Body Dryer

Technology embedded in our daily life as it is our part of the Full body dryer. We willingly or unwillingly have to use technology to do different things in our daily life. Body dryers are also one of the technological advancements that humans ever made. Due to their safety and easy use, it is gone popular in the market on a major and minor scale.

For people who are unable to move their body with complete flexibility, Full Body Dryer is a very good product for them to be used. As they provide touch-free drying of the body. Simply reducing the use of towels and items of clothing to dry the body. Less spread of disease also observed by using the dryer.

Multi-purpose use of Full body dryer

Full Body Dryer not only used or the drying purpose that leads to less use of towel but also for drying of clothes indoor environment. Pet animals and kids avail themselves from this technology. Moreover, the warm air that can be changed with time, can also be used in winter to make the room warmer as it does not have vaporized air. It does not cause the humidity problem in the room. As it does the same functions in the bathroom, thus for the small rooms even smaller normal sized body dryers can be beneficial. Due to the presence of IR and UV, the dryer can be used as a sterilizing agent for daily usage.

Filtration and Air Passages

Majorly, HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Absorbing) filter is used. The engine runs at the speed of 20,000 RPM. The engines give compressed air of 30ºC that is 5ºC more than room temperature. It keeps the speed up to 59m/s. The turbine runs with the turbine and thus leading the air to get enough temperature and pressure as needed.

It is operated through a control penal that sets the protocols and the system runs from activation and sir delivery. It has an inbuilt sensor for voice control and height measurements. So that the user may use the system just by one’s vocals; speaking to the machine about what to do. HEPA filter keeps the air clean and fresh so that the microbial and other particles may residue behind.

More efficient and Financial Beneficial

Its easy and smart installment leads the user to an easy approach to the environmentally friendly device. Due to its eco-friendly ability, it consumes less energy than normal devices of 1 amp. The reuse of exhaust air from the room also reduces the impact of pollution in the air. Already purified air is again purified as it processes. most of the straight-chain devices use new air from the room to emit the fresh air, but a good body dryer works in the closed-loop division. Thus, there is huge environmental gain.

According to a study, If a family of 5 people turns on to a body dryer instead of 1 or 2 towels, They save up to 75% of the electricity than normal use. Thus, it also reduces about 500 liters of water and emits 300+ kg of CO2 into the atmosphere.

How it works

Toweling being is a conventional method, replaced by latest technical body dryer. The nozzle designed to rotate the wind turning out of the filter. Within seconds the filter takes the air in and turns it into the spin with the help of a rotatory nozzle. The body dryer provides a unique dustless filter which is a urethane (Ethyl carbamate) filter which is an adhesive agent. It is approved by the HEPA filter that considered the best purifier. Urethane is a very good pesticide and antibacterial agent. It purifies the air and cleans it from bacteria and fungus in the air. The high-speed fan behind the filter is an anion generator that produces 1.5 million anions, providing clean air. The anions are quite anti-allergic with purifying impact.

Ther display through which protocols set. They adjust with your preference leading from normal to warm air which is 400W and 1000W drying power respectively. Automatic adjustment runs for about 3 minutes without any worry to shut down the device.

Some of the dryers are quite light and cant be lift and port from one place to another. They weigh up to 250 pounds. Once the setting set, the device can be transport from one place to another.

UV and IR Radiations

The device with infrared technology can lead to the certainty of the bacterial effects. It also helpful for the coronavirus. when there is the use of Ultraviolet radiation, they kill all sorts of bacteria and viruses including the corona virus. corona virus before entering into the body resides on the skin and can easily be targeted by the rays. They brings effectiveness and safety.

It also depends upon what type of UV radiation is being emitt! It is not necessary to be 100% efficient but exposure is enough to kill maximum microbes. The potential use of IR can lead to respiratory issues. But the device can sterilize things. A comprehensive setup is useful for different purposes including sterilization and drying purposes.